Cancel Your Subscription

Cancel Your Subscription

You can cancel your subscription to Office File Creator from the Appexchange site.


Go to the following link and log in.

Click on your icon in the upper right corner and click My Installs and Subscriptions.

Click Manage Subscription from the pull-down to the right of Office File Creator in the list.


Click End Subscription.


The confirmation message "End Subscription are you sure?" will be displayed. Click OK to cancel the subscription.


Payment Status is displayed as "Will Not Renew". Click Done to move to the Subscription List screen.

  • After cancellation, the license of Office File Creator is valid until the expiration date shown in "Next Payment". The remaining valid days cannot be refunded on a pro-rata basis.
  • After cancellation, the license will not be automatically deducted from the next payment and will automatically become invalid on the day following the date shown in "Next Payment".
  • If you wish to repurchase the subscription after cancellation, you can click "Renew Subscription" to continue your subscription.