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Contact Form


We will reply only within the scope of support. Please understand that we will not be able to respond to any inquiries outside the scope of our support services. About Support


Please be sure to provide the following information when inquiring about errors.

[Application for creating template files]

e.g., Microsoft Office 2021

*Template files created by applications other than Microsoft Office desktop version are not supported.

[Occurrence timing/pattern]

e.g., After creating a template, an error occurs from the first time of test output.

e.g., Some records can be output normally, but certain records cannot be output.

[Error Details]

Please provide specific details of the error. If an error message is displayed, please also provide the error message.


Contact Form



    Thank you for your cooperation

    Please use a separate new inquiry form for each inquiry. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding not to add or make new inquiries by replying to closed or different inquiries by e-mail.