Office File Creator Overview


What is Office File Creator?

Office File Creator is a document generation application for Salesforce and can be installed from AppExchange. Office File Creator is available in paid and free versions.



  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF form files can be output from the Record Detail screen. Records of the target object and related objects are output.
    Attached to a record and saved as File or Attachment Object in Salesforce.
  • Existing Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files can be used as template files, and the same merged fields as Salesforce Classic email templates can be set in the template files.
  • There is no limit to the number of users or file outputs.
  • Salesforce native application, security is safe.
  • Files can also be output and saved from List Views.
  • Can be used in Flow.


Office File Creator 2.0 beta Released

New features of Office File Creator Ver.2 and changes and discontinued features from Ver.1


Output Files

Output the file from the custom button on the record detail page.


Output Files From List View

Output and saving of selected files from the list view is also possible.

*Create a Visualforce page. Please refer to the manual for details.


Using in Salesforce Flow

Office File Creator available in Screen Flow.


Easy Setting - Create Template File

Set up an MS Office file with the same merged fields as the Salesforce Classic email template.


Easy Setting - Create Template Record

Create a template record for output settings such as the master object to be used for the merged fields and search criteria for child objects.


Easy Setting - Create Custom Bottons

Create custom buttons and place them on the page layout.




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