Subscription Management

Subscription Management

Change Payment Information/Cancel Subscription

To change your payment information or cancel your subscription, please visit the Customer Portal or the AppExahcange site.

  • Change Credit Card Information
  • Change Email Address
  • Change Billing Name/Billing Address
  • Download Invoices (Customer Portal only)
  • Cancel Subscription


Subscription Management


Subscription Management (Customer Portal)

Office File Creator Standard

Office File Creator Pro

Subscription Management (AppExchange)

Office File Creator 1.0


Change License

For license changes, refer to License Change Procedure (Upgrade/Downgrade).

  • Upgrade from Office File Creator Standard to Pro
  • Downgrade from Pro to Standard


*Office File Creator 1.0 (Ver.1) and Office File Creator 2.0 (Ver.2) are different products, and Ver.1 cannot be upgraded to Ver.2 (Standard/Pro). Please purchase Ver. 2 separately.



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