Purchase Flow

Purchase Flow

1. Purchase Order

Contracts are per Salesforce organization and paid annually. Standard is US$1800/year and Pro is US$2400/year. There is no separate initial installation fee. Payment is by automatic credit card withdrawal.

Purchase Order Procedure


For Office file Creator 1.0 paid version subscribers

  • Ver.1 paid version will not be automatically canceled after the purchase of Standard/Pro. To cancel the Ver.1 paid version, please follow the cancellation procedure separately.
  • When purchasing Standard/Pro, a 6-month discount for the first year is available only once for both Standard and Pro for the same organization subscribing to Ver.1 paid version. We will apply the discount after checking the contract status of the organization, so there is no need for the customer to notify us at the time of application.


2. Sent Invoice PDF/Extension of trial period

  • An invoice PDF will be emailed from the payment system approximately one hour after your application is submitted. The email will be sent from the domain "@stripe.com" with the sender name "Generipse LLC" and the sending address "@stripe.com".
  • Trial expiration date will be extended after 14 days. However, if the current Trial expiration date is earlier than the extension date, the Trial expiration date will not be renewed.
  • In principle, applications are automatically processed by the system. If there is a problem with your application (e.g., incorrectly entered organization ID or e-mail address) or if confirmation is deemed necessary, it will take 5 business days.


3. Payment/License activation

  • Please make payment within 7 days of the invoice date.
  • Payment is made by clicking the "Pay this invoice" button in the email sent with the invoice, or the "Pay online" link in the invoice PDF.
    Payment by Credit Card
  • Immediately after payment, a receipt PDF will be emailed from the payment system and your organization's license expiration date will be updated to "Does not Expire".


4. Next year onward

  • Your credit card will be automatically debited on the date of your first invoice for the following year. After the automatic debit is completed, a PDF of the invoice and receipt will be sent to you via email.
  • If the automatic debit fails for some reason, such as the expiration of the card, the payment system will send an email with a payment error. In the event of an automatic debit error, please make the payment manually. Even if there is no problem with your card, the automatic debit may result in a payment error due to fraud detection by the credit card company. Please note that if you do not complete manual payment within 30 days of the invoice date, your license will be deactivated.
    About Payment Error for Automatic Card Withdrawal


5. Subscription Management

Refer to Subscription Management for information on changing payment information, cancellations, and license changes.

  • Change Credit Card Information
  • Change Email Address
  • Change Billing Name/Billing Address
  • Download Invoices
  • Cancel Subscription
  • License Change (Upgrade/Downgrade)



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