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  • If you are reviewing the Quick Guide only, please be sure to review the Instruction manual.
  • Not all layouts and output patterns are supported. Please note that we may not be able to support your output pattern.
  • Please check FAQ and Troubleshooting.


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      About Support

      Support Eligibility

      • Support is available only to subscribers of the paid version. Support will not be provided for users who are not under contract, such as free version or trial users.


      Support Response

      • Support is provided by e-mail. Please understand that we do not provide support in individual meetings via online or other.
      • Support is limited to responding to customer inquiries via email. We do not create templates on your behalf, nor we log into your organization to configure them for you.
      • We will contact you by email within 3 business days. Please note that if we receive a large number of inquiries, it may take up to 3 business days later.


      Scope of Support

      • Support is limited to inquiries about the unique features of Office File Creator.
      • Regarding output screens, support is only available from record pages (standard) and list views. Only screens that do not include custom development or third-party applications are supported.


      Out of Scope of Support

      • Inquiries about standard Salesforce features will not be supported. About Salesforce standard features, please contact Salesforce Help. (General Salesforce configuration, including concepts of permissions and profiles, how to create formula fields, how to create flows, and how to migrate with change sets and migration tools etc.)
      • Inquiries about flows, such as how to create flows, flow errors, etc., are not supported. Knowledge of flow creation is required when using flows. Regarding flows, please contact Salesforce Help.
      • Regarding output screens, output from screens that include custom development or third-party applications will not be supported.



      If you cannot find a solution in the Instruction Manual or FAQ, please contact us here.


      *Please use a separate new inquiry form for each inquiry. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding not to add or make new inquiries by replying to closed or different inquiries by e-mail.


      Non-Contracted Customers / Other Inquiries

      • Please note that we will not reply to inquiries outside of the contract. Bug reports, clarifications, and other information received will be used as reference for product improvements, setup manuals, and FAQs.
      • Please note that we do not accept requests for explanations or demos at individual meetings, including from companies that have implemented Salesforce.