Introduction Flow

Introduction Flow

1. Trial in the Sandbox

Try Office File Creator in the sandbox environment and make a decision on whether or not to introduce it. If you want to use the Standard or Pro features, please install Standard or Pro after installing Office File Creator 2.0. Standard/Pro is available indefinitely in the Sandbox environment.


2. Confirmation in the Production - Start of use

Start using the application after confirming its operation in the production environment.


For Standard/Pro users

  • Standard/Pro has a 30 day trial period for production environments. After 30 days of the trial expiration, the edition will automatically switch to Free.
  • After 30 days of the trial expiration date, the number of OFC_Template records must be set to the Free version limit of 1 record.
  • You will not be charged for the installation of Standard/Pro unless you request to purchase it.


3. Purchase

If you want to use Standard/Pro, please apply for purchase. The license will be activated after purchase.

Purchase Flow


4. Subscription Management

For change procedures, refer to Subscription Management.

  • Change payment information
  • Cancel Subscription
  • Change License



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