Purchase (Ver.1)

Purchase (Ver.1)


This page is an instruction page for purchasing Office File Creator Ver.1.


About Office File Creator Standard/Pro

Office File Creator Standard/Pro will be available for purchase from July 1, 2024.

The application procedure for purchasing Standard/Pro will be announced on this website.

We do not accept pre-orders, so please apply from this product page on or after July 1, 2024.



Office File Creator is available for self-service purchase from the Appexchange site. Upon completion of the purchase, the license will be automatically activated for your Salesforce organization immediately.


  • The paid version of Ver.1 is $1320 per Salesforce organization per year. The cost is $110 per month.
  • There is no separate initial implementation fee.
  • Payment is made by automatic credit card debit from the Appexchange website.

About Billing


  • Upon completion of your purchase, your Salesforce organization's license will be automatically activated immediately.
  • A PDF of your invoice and receipt will be sent to your billing email address approximately one hour after your purchase is complete. The email will be sent with the sender name "Generipse LLC" and the sending address will be the domain "@stripe.com". Stripe is the U.S. payment system used by Appexchange.
  • If your credit card currency is not the U.S. dollar (USD), the exchange rate and the date of application of the exchange rate will vary depending on your credit card company. Please check your credit card statement for the price after the exchange rate is applied.
  • After the next year, your credit card will be automatically debited on the date of the first purchase. For example, if the first purchase date is 3/20/2022, the next payment will be automatically deducted from your credit card on 3/20/2023. After the credit card auto-deduction is completed, a PDF of the invoice and receipt will be sent to your billing email address.
  • We do not accept payment by wire transfer.


About Tax

Customers in the U.S.


Customers outside Japan and the U.S.

  • For customers outside of Japan and the U.S., tax payments are subject to reverse charge. Please file and pay taxes in your own jurisdiction in accordance with the laws of your country.




  • Before purchasing, please be sure to install the paid version of Office File Creator in your production organization and confirm that your template files and output patterns are output correctly. Not all layouts and output patterns are supported. Please note that we may not be able to support your output pattern.
  • Please be sure to read About Support before purchasing.
  • Once purchased, payment plans cannot be changed during the subscription period.
  • No refunds are available after purchase.


Purchase on Appexchange

Install the paid version in the production organization

Install the paid version of Office File Creator in the production organization and check that it is working properly.

Office File Creator - Salesforce Document Generation


*The free version and the paid version are two different applications. There is no upgrade from the free version to the paid version. The paid version must be installed in the production organization for the purchase procedure. If you have not installed the paid version in your production organization, you will not be able to proceed with the purchase procedure.



Go to the following link and log in.


Click on your icon in the upper right corner and click My Installs and Subscriptions.


From the pull-down to the right of Office File Creator in the list, click Buy Now.

*If "Buy It Now" is not displayed, click the product name link and then click "Get It Now" on the product page. The purchase screen will appear.


Enter billing information and click Next.

Be sure to enter your company name on the second line of the Street.
* For customers outside the U.S., please enter your company name and tax number such as VAT, GST.

*If you check the "Same as billing address" checkbox, you do not need to enter a Shipping Address.


Select "$1,320 USD per company per year". Click Next.

*Once purchased, the payment currency cannot be changed during the subscription period.


Enter credit card information and click Next.


Confirm your entry. Check the terms and conditions checkbox after reviewing and agreeing to the terms and conditions. Click Purchase to execute the purchase.


The message "Purchase was successful" will be displayed.


The "PAYMENT STATUS" of Office File Creator in the Subscription list will be displayed with "Active Subscription".