Subscription Management (Customer Portal)

Subscription Management (Customer Portal)


This page explains how to change your payment information and cancel your subscription through the Customer Portal.

Subject Contracts: Office File Creator Standard/Pro

*For Office File Creator 1.0 (purchase via AppExchange) subscription, refer to Subscription Management (AppExchange).

About Customer Portal

Email Authentication for Customer Portal Login

  • If the email is different from the subscriber's email, no email will be sent.
  • Please access the Customer Portal from the link in the email within 5 minutes. If there is no access within 5 minutes, the link will expire. After the last access, the link becomes invalid after one hour and is valid for a total of two hours.


Notes on changing your e-mail address on the Customer Portal

  • Please make sure that you have the correct email address after the change. If you register with an incorrect email address, you will not be able to access the Customer Portal and your invoice will be sent to the wrong address.
  • The changed email address willbe required for email authentication of your Customer Portal login. Please do not forget to keep track of it.


Customer Portal Account & Invoice

  • The Customer Portal account is one account (email address) per Salesforce organization. If you have more than one person in charge of your contract, please consider registering as a mailing list.
  • Invoices will be sent to your registered email address. We do not accept sending to other than your registered email address, such as to a different or additional address, or sending other than by email.


Login to Customer Portal

Click the "OFC_License" tab in the Office File Creator application. Click on the "Customer Portal" button.

*If the "OFC_License" tab is not displayed, grant the permissions to the user the "OFC_License" tab and the Apex class "OFCLicense".

*The "Customer Portal" button is only displayed for organizations with activated licenses.


A confirmation message will appear. Click "OK" to move to the "Request Customer Portal Login Link" screen.


Enter your registered email address and confirm the privacy policy. Click the "Submit Request" button.


A confirmation message will be displayed. Click the "OK" button.


A transmission completion message will be displayed.


Check your email and click the link in the e-mail. Your subscription status will be displayed on the Customer Portal screen.



Change Credit Card Information

Click "Add payment method" in the "PAYMENT METHOD" section.


Enter credit card information and click the "Add" button.


New card information has been added.


Click "..." on the far right of the old card information and click "Delete".


Click the "Delete payment method" button.


The old card information has been deleted.



Change Email Address, Billing Name and Billing Address

Click "Update information".


After making changes, click the "Save" button.



Download Invoices

Click the date in the "INVOICE HISTORY" section.


Click the "Download Invoice" and "Download Receipt" button to download the PDF files.



Cancel Subscription

After cancellation, the Office File Creator license will remain valid until the current expiration date. The remaining valid days cannot be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

After cancellation, the license expiration date will be updated to the date one day after the scheduled cancellation date.


Click the "Cancel plan" button to the right of the license name.


Click the "Cancel plan" button.


The scheduled cancellation date will be displayed.


Subscription Management



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