About Payment Error for Automatic Card Withdrawal

This announcement is for customers who have paid their Office File Creator subscription by automatic credit card debit.


If the automatic debit fails for some reason, such as the expiration of the card, the payment system will send a payment error e-mail. Please update your card information and make the payment manually.


  • Payment error emails will be sent several times within one week of your subscription renewal date. If you do not complete the payment with the payment error, your subscription will be cancelled and you will not be able to use the application.
  • Even if there is no problem with your card, automatic debit for overseas payments may result in a payment error due to fraud detection by the credit card company. Please change to another card.



Update card information and pay manually

If the automatic debit fails, a payment error email will be sent to the subscriber from the email address of the payment system's stripe.com or officefilecreator.com domain. Click "Update payment information" in the body of the email.


Subject: $1,000 payment to Generipse LLC was unsuccessful *Amounts are examples


Please follow the steps below to update your card information and make payment on the new screen.

1) Enter another card information.

2) Click the "Update" button to update your card information.

3) Click the "Pay now" button to make the payment manually.

*If there is no problem with your card, you may be able to enter the same card information as you have now and try to make the payment successfully.

(Reference: Stripe Document)

*Stripe is the U.S. payment system used by Appexchange.