Group child records by record values and output to documents

This article introduces the procedure for grouping child records by record values and outputting documents in Office File Creator.

This feature is available in Office File Creator Pro.


Output Sample

As an example, the Products related to the Opportunity are output as a group by product type.



Merge Fields Settings

Header rows

The first line of the header row sets the merge field for the product type of the group field.

Detail rows

Set the merge fields for the child record's details.

Footer rows

Outputs the total amount for each group. Set the merge field {!OpportunityLineItems.Sum(TotalPrice)} using the aggregate function. One row of blank space is output between groups, so the footer has two rows.

*If the group field is a formula field, the aggregate function cannot be used.

Reference: Functions for Merge Fields



OFC_Child Object Option Record Settings

Create the OFC_Child Object Option record and enter the field values in the "(Pro) Group Data" section.


(Excel) Group Field API Name: Enter the field ProdcutType__c to be grouped.

(Excel) Number of Group Header Rows: Set the number of header rows 2.

(Excel) Number of Group Footer Rows: Set the number of footer rows 2.


Set the sorting.



Output File