Advance notice of new feature release (Lighning Component button)

A new feature will be released soon. In addition to the conventional output of files from custom buttons, output and file saving will also be available from the Lightning Component button.


Available to create Lightning Component buttons.

  • Various layouts, icons, and colors can be selected for the buttons.
  • Up to 10 buttons can be created in one component.
  • The output and file saving process is smoother, as there is no screen transition when the button is clicked, as is the case with custom buttons.


Available in Experience Cloud.

Lightning Component form button creation is now available and can be used in Experience Cloud.

When used in Experience Cloud, deploy Lightning Component instead of custom buttons.


Screen Sample


Scheduled release date

Around September 20, 2022

*Free version and paid version on the same day


Version Upgrade (for existing users)

For existing users who have installed Office File Creator (free or paid version), we will automatically upgrade the version 1-3 days before the release date. In principle, users do not need to install the new version.


In rare cases, the automatic upgrade may fail. If new functions are not available after the release date, the version is still out of date. Click the "Get it now" button on the product page to install the new version.