Office File Creator Ver.1 New Version Release - Added OFC_License tab

We will release a new version of the Office File Creator Ver.1 on the following schedule.


Scheduled release date

Jun. 28, 2024



Upgrade period (for existing users)

Jun. 26-28, 2024

*The version will be automatically upgraded within the upgrade period.



Revision details

The OFC_License tab has been added to the Office File Creator application. It displays OFC Editions (1.0/Free 1.0) and License Information (Status, Expiration Date).


The "Manage Subscription" will appear for contracting organizations. By clicking the "Subscription Management (Appexchange)" button, you will be redirected to the Subscription Management (Appexahcange) page.

Reference: Subscription Management (AppExchange)




Paid version Ver1.36

Free version Ver1.38



Request for manual support

Please provide some manual support in this version upgrade.

Grant the following privileges to the administrator user.

  • OFC_License Tab
  • OFCLicense Apex Class






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