New Version Released - Lightning Web Security Supported, etc.

A new version has been released today.


Revision details

  • Supported when Lightning Web Security is enabled
    When Lightning Web Security is enabled in an organization, it can now be used with OFC.

Enable Lightning Web Security in an Org


  • Improvement of Test Output from OFC_Template Record Screen

・The screen transition that used to occur during test output from the OFC_Template record screen has been changed so that the screen transition does not occur. This eliminates the need to re-enter the record Id entered for testing.

・A PDF preview button has been added to the OFC_Template record screen when the output format is PDF. In addition to file output, PDF preview is available in the browser.


  • Supports PDF preview when outputting PDF from custom buttons

PDF preview is supported for PDF output from custom buttons. You can preview the button by changing the "save=file" option to "save=preview" in the "Custom Button URL (Save to File)" in the OFC_Template record.

Custom button URL (save to file)



URL for PDF preview



*Preview is only available for PDF output, not for Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

*Preview is only available from custom buttons, not from Lightning Component buttons or flows.


  • Supports LF newline output when outputting PDF
    In addition to the current line feed code CRLF, LF line feed code is now supported for PDF output.


  • Improved output of error details for some error messages
    When an error occurs, the error details of some error messages are now output.


  • Bug Fixes

・Fixed a bug that caused an error when there were no child object merged fields in the template file when outputting to Excel.

・Fixed a bug in which some ruled lines were not output when outputting to PDF.




Paid version Ver1.23

Free version Ver1.26



Version Upgrade (for existing users)

Existing users' organizations have been automatically upgraded to the latest version.

*In rare cases, the automatic version upgrade may fail. If you cannot use the new functions, the version is still out of date, so please upgrade manually. Click the "Get It Now" button on the product page to install the new version.



PDF preview on OFC_Template record screen



PDF preview from custom buttons on Opportunity record screen