Office File Creator Ver.2 New Version Released - Added OFC_License tab

A new version of the Office File Creator Ver.2 beta has been released today.


Revision details

The OFC_License tab has been added to the Office File Creator application. It displays OFC Editions (Free/Standard/Pro) and License Information (Status, Expiration Date) for the paid version. You can purchase a license by clicking on the "Purchase" button.

Reference: Purchase Flow


The "Manage Subscription" will appear for contracting organizations. You can change your payment information and cancel your subscription from the "Customer Portal" button.

Reference: Subscription Management (Customer Portal)





*Existing users of Ver.2 have been upgraded.



Request for manual support

Please provide some manual support in this version upgrade.

Grant the following privileges to the administrator user.

  • OFC_License Tab
  • OFCLicense Apex Class






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