Free version ver.2.8 beta released

Free version ver.2.8 beta has been released today.


Revision details

  • Changed the application name from "Office File Creator" to "Office File Creator for Free".
  • The OFC_Template record screen displays a list of OFC_Child object options in the right sidebar.
  • Lightning component "ofcForFlowScreen" for Flow has been newly added.
  • Abolition of Lightning Component "ofcForFlow" and "ofcCompForFlow".

Release Notes /Free version ver.2 beta



Obsolete Lightning Components List

ofcCom (for Lightning Component Button in Lightning RecordPage)

ofcCompForFlow (for Flow)

ofcForFlow (for Flow)



Upgrade procedure for users of the previous beta version

  • If you are using the old beta version, please uninstall the old beta version and install the latest version. The beta period may contain significant changes, and if you upgrade without uninstalling the beta version, the obsolete components may not be removed or the page layout, etc. will not be reflected.
  • If an error occurs when using the flow, please clear your browsers history and cache.