Release of free version ver.2 beta

Today, we have released ver.2 beta version of Office File Creator free version. In addition to new features, various restrictions are added.


New Features

Date and date/time formatting available for insert items (Word, PowerPoint, PDF)

When outputting in Word, PowerPoint, and PDF, date and date/time type merge fields can now be formatted with comma separators.

e.g., {Opportunity.CreatedDate, yyyy.MM.dd}


Cross object formulas can be used for merge fields

Cross object formula fields that output the field values of referenced objects can now be used in merge fields, allowing output of referenced object fields up to 5 levels higher.

e.g., {!Opportunity.Account.BiilingState}


New Child Object Option Objects

In Ver1, up to 3 child objects could be specified in the section "(Optional) Child Objects" in the OFC_Template record. In Ver. 2, a new child object option object has been added, allowing the specification of three or more options for the child object.




Limitation on the number of Excel sheets

ver.1: Multiple sheets can be output in one file

ver.2: Only one sheet can be output per file


Limit on batch output from list view

ver.1: No limit on batch output

ver.2: Up to 2 files


Restriction on record value image output by PDF image formula

ver.1: Output available

ver.2: Output not available



Notes on using the Beta version

  • During the Beta period until the official release of ver.2, the version will be upgraded and features may change without notice.
  • During the beta period, the free version will not be available on Appexchange.
  • Because the beta has not yet been reviewed by Salesforce, upon installation you will receive a message stating "Salesforce Inc. is not the provider of this application and has not conducted any review of it. Please click here to understand what this means with respect to security and trust." Please use the Beta version only if you agree. If you do not agree, please use the Beta version or wait for the official release.

Salesforce help



For users of the free version ver.1

  • If you want to upgrade to ver.2, please uninstall ver.1 and install ver.2. Ver.1 and ver.2 cannot be used at the same time.
  • The following restrictions applied to ver.2 will also be applied to ver.1 in the future. Details will be announced separately on this website.

Limitation on the number of Excel sheets

Restriction on batch output from list view

Restriction on record value image output by PDF image formula