Office File Creator 2.0 beta Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Office File Creator 2.0 beta version today.

Office File Creator 2.0 Overviews

New Feature

New features have been added since Ver. 2.

Formatting Merge Fields

Output field values of parent and reference objects

Output Images (Office File Creator Pro)




Ver.2 is available in three editions: Free, Standard, and Pro.

  • Free ・・・ Free version. Limited to 1 template, 1 Excel sheet, and 2 batch output files.
  • Standard ・・・ Unlimited number of templates, Excel sheets, and batch output files.
  • Pro ・・・ Standard + Output Images etc.



In Office File Creator Ver.1, the paid version and the free version are separate products, and when migrating from the free version to the paid version, the Salesforce settings of the free version were not inherited, and the settings had to be re-configured in the paid version.

In Ver.2, the application itself is included in 2.0 (Free), and when upgrading from 2.0 to Standard/Pro, there is no need to re-configure the settings. The upgrade can be performed by simply installing Standard or Pro.


Start date of application acceptance (Standard/Pro)

July 1, 2024

The application procedure for purchasing Standard and Pro will be announced separately on this website.



Please refer to Install.

Office File Creator Ver.1 Free and Ver.2 Free beta cannot be used at the same time as Office File Creator 2.0, Office File Creator 2.0 after uninstalling Office File Creator Ver.1 Free and Ver.2 Free beta.


About Beta Period

  • The beta period will last until June 30, 2024, and features may be changed or discontinued without notice.
  • If Standard/Pro is installed in the production organization, the trial period will be automatically extended until 7/31/2024. No separate request for extension is required.



Ver.1 users / Ver.2 Free beta users

For Ver.1 paid subscribers

  • Ver.1 paid version will continue to be available.
  • Ver.1 paid version and Ver.2 can be used at the same time.
  • The 6-month discount for the first year is available only for the same organization subscribing to the Ver.1 paid version when purchasing Standard/Pro.
  • Ver.1 paid version will not be automatically cancelled upon purchase of Standard/Pro.
  • Ver.1 and Ver.2 are two separate products, so Ver.2 users will not inherit Ver.1 settings and data.


For users of Ver.1 free version

  • Ver.1 free version will continue to be available.
  • Ver.1 free version and Ver.2 cannot be used at the same time. Please uninstall Ver.1 free version and use Office File Creator 2.0 before using Ver.2.


For users of Ver.2 Free beta version

Office File Creator Ver. 2 Free beta version, already released in October 2023, has been integrated into Office File Creator 2.0 and has been discontinued.

Ver.2 Free beta version will be unavailable as of September 30, 2024. Please uninstall Ver.2 Free beta version and use Office File Creator 2.0.



Office File Creator Ver.1 paid version discontinued

With the release of Office File Creator 2.0, sales of the paid version of Office File Creator Ver.1 will be discontinued.

End of sales date

June 30, 2024


Customers under contract

Office File Creator Ver. 1 paid version will remain available. Version upgrades containing important updates will be implemented




Please click the link below to report bugs and provide feedback on Office File Creator 2.0.

Office File Creator 2.0 Report Bugs/Send Feedback


For more information on features, please refer to the following.

New features of Office File Creator Ver.2 and changes and discontinued features from Ver.1