Office File Creator Ver.1 New Version Release - Added Formatting Options for Numerical and Currency Fields, etc.

We will release a new version of the Office File Creator Ver.1 on the following schedule.


Scheduled release date

Scheduled release date

Apr. 15, 2024


Upgrade period (for existing users)

Apr. 9-15, 2024

*The version will be automatically upgraded within the upgrade period.



Revision details

Added formatting options for numeric and currency fields

Adjust Format (commas/decimal places)

Check Off (Default)

Currency: Formatted (with 3-digit separator, decimal point is the number of digits of the field in principle, but not displayed if the decimal point is 0. However, if the decimal point is 0, it is not displayed. e.g. 3.10 -> 3.1)

*The format follows the specification of the Apex format method.

Numeric: No formatting (no 3-digit separator, decimal point is the number of digits of the field in principle. However, if more than one digit is stored in Salesforce, the decimal point will be displayed beyond the number of digits)


Check On

Currency/Numeric: Formatted (with 3-digit separator, decimal point is displayed for the number of digits in the field)


*The rounding process when a value exceeding the number of digits in the field definition is stored is selected in " Rounding Mode of Decimals over Digits". If left blank, the default is "HALF_UP" rounding. For more information on rounding modes, please refer to the following.


Instruction manual

Formatting of Currency and Number Fields (Ver.1)


Refresh Related List when Lightning Web Security is Enabled and a File is Saved

When Lightning Web Security was enabled and a file was saved as an attachment to a record from the Lightning Component button, it was needed to refresh the screen to display the file in the related list. In the new version, the related list is updated without a screen refresh after saving.


Added new field "Custom Button URL (PDF Preview)".

Custom Button URL (PDF Preview)" for PDF preview is newly added to OFC_Template object.


New page layout for OFC_Template object

A new page layout for the OFC_Template object, OFC_TemplateLayout_ver4, has been released to accommodate the addition of new fields.


Supported All versions of Excel formula output

The Excel formula output was applicable only to template files uploaded after Ver. 1.15 (released on 12/12/2022), but from this version, all versions will output formulas.


Fixed problem when updating template files

When uploading a template file on the OFC_Template screen, previously only the template file owner could update the file, but now users with editing privileges on the OFC_Template record can update the file.


Other system-related

  • The display label of the field "Template Upload Package Version" (API name: genofc__TemplateUploadedPackageVersion__c) was changed to "Template Upload Package Version (system)".
  • Added new formula field "Template Uploaded Package Version" (API name: genofc__TemplateUploadedPackageVersionFml__c).
  • When an error occurs, the details of the error content of some error messages are now output.
  • Some memory usage has been improved.




Paid version Ver 1.33

Free version Ver 1.36



Request for your support in the new version

Please follow the procedures below as some manual intervention is required for this version upgrade.

Granting field-level security

Please grant the administrator user the authority to reference and edit the following new fields in the OFC_Template object.


Adjust Format (commas/decimal places)

Rounding Mode of Decimals over Digits

Custom Button URL (Preview PDF)

Template Uploaded Package Version


Change the page layout

Please change the page layout to "OFC_TemplateLayout_ver4". Please delete the old page layout.