In the near future, a one-template limit check feature and restrictions will be added to the free version.

This announcement is for users of the free version.


The free version will be available for one template only. The free version can store only one OFC_Template record, but we will not allow any program or other automatic processing of that one record that would effectively limit the number of templates to an unlimited number.

In line with this, a check function and restrictions will be added for usage that may conflict with the 1-template limit of the free version. Users who use the free version in the normal way will not be affected.


Checks and Restrictions in the Free Version

An error will occur if an OFC_Template record or template file is updated automatically by a program other than the Office File Creator application. If any of the above applies, an error will occur for any reason.


Specifically, the following checks and restrictions will be added.

1. Template files can only be uploaded from the OFC_Template record screen, otherwise it is an error.
2. Template files (Attachment records) uploaded from the OFC_Template record screen cannot be updated, and if they have been updated, an error will occur.


Please be advised that the release of the revised version and version upgrades will be implemented without prior notice in the near future.