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Office File Creator

Confirm email address before order


Please check before purchase

About your registered email address

  • Your registered email address will be used as your account ID for the Customer Portal (a site for various procedures) and will be required for email authentication when you log in to the Customer Portal, so please do not forget to keep it.
  • The Customer Portal account is one account (email address) per Salesforce organization. If an account exists for an organization that has already subscribed to Office File Creator,the account information (email address and billing information) will be updated to the latest subscription details. *The contract for Office File Creator 1.0 is different from the account in the Customer Portal because the application is made via Appexchange.
  • If you have more than one person in charge of your contract, please consider registering as a mailing list.
  • Invoices will be sent to your registered email address. We do not accept sending to other than your registered email address, such as to a different or additional address, or sending other than by email.


Confirmation in the production organization

  • Please confirm that your template files and output patterns are output correctly in your production. Not all layouts and output patterns are supported. Please note that the application may not be able to support your output pattern.


About Support

  • Please be sure to read About Support. Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries outside the scope of our support.
  • Please use a separate new inquiry form for each inquiry. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding not to add or make new inquiries by replying to closed or different inquiries by email.


About Payment

  • Only credit cards are accepted as payment methods. Other payment methods such as bank transfer are not supported.
  • No refunds are available after purchase.
  • Tax payments are subject to reverse charge. Please file and pay taxes in your own jurisdiction in accordance with the laws of your country.
  • In the event of an automatic debit error, please make the payment manually. Even if there is no problem with your card, there may be a payment error in the automatic debit for overseas payments due to fraud detection by the credit card company.
    About Payment Error for Automatic Card Withdrawal


Terms and Conditions


For Office file Creator 1.0 paid version subscribers

  • Ver.1 paid version will not be automatically canceled after the purchase of Standard/Pro. To cancel the Ver.1 paid version, please follow the cancellation procedure separately.
  • When purchasing Standard/Pro, a 6-month discount for the first year is available only once for both Standard and Pro for the same organization subscribing to Ver.1 paid version. We will apply the discount after checking the contract status of the organization, so there is no need for the customer to notify us at the time of application.


Purchase Flow

For purchase details, please refer to Purchase Flow.


Purchase Order

    Please enter the email of the subscriber and click the "Submit" button. A link to the purchase order page will be sent to you. Please apply from the URL in the email.

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