Release Notes (Ver.2)

Release Notes (Ver.2)


ver.2.9 (Release Date Jul. 15, 2024)
  • Added File save + download option.
  • Added options callable on Experience Cloud (with restrictions)
  • Change the label of the "Custom Button URL (Export to File)" field in the OFC_Template object to "Custom Button URL (Download)".
  • Added the "User Type" and "Download" fields to the OFC_Log object.

Office File Creator Ver.2 New Version Release - Added File save + download option, etc.


ver.2.8 (Release Date Jul. 1, 2024)
  • Upgrade to the official version of Office File Creator 2.0.


ver.2.7 beta (Release Date Jun. 22, 2024)
  • Added OFC_License tab and OFCLicense Apex class.

Office File Creator Ver.2 New Version Released - Added OFC_License tab


ver.2.5 beta (Release Date Apr. 19, 2024)
  • Fixed a bug that OFC editions OFC Pro and Standard are judged as Free in the Sandbox environment.
  • Displayed Child Object Option Related list in the OFC_Child Object Option Record page.


ver.2.4 beta (Release Date Apr. 4, 2024)
  • Fixed a bug that Excel cell merging was not reflected when outputting a block of multiple child objects.
  • Upgraded program API version from 59 to 60.


ver.2.3 beta (Release Date Mar. 28, 2024)

Fixed a bug that images are not output when previewing in Excel.


ver.2.2 beta  (Release Date Mar. 25, 2024)

Fixed a bug in the output of 3-level child objects.


ver.2.1 beta  (Release Date Mar. 21, 2024)

Released Office File Creator 2.0 beta.

Office File Creator 2.0 beta Released



Release Notes (Ver.2 Free beta) *Discontinued

Release Notes (Ver.2 Free beta)

Ver.2 Free beta version has been discontinued due to integration into 2.0.

Notice of Discontinuation of Office File Creator Ver. 2 Free beta Version





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